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.Young adult purebred male australian cattledog.  Very friendly but so scared he didn't want to come out of his kennel.  He is a beautifully marked, handsome dog.  #31488



Really pretty,  young male border collie cross.  He is only about 20-25 lbs and maybe a year old.  Very sweet- a first class snuggler. He is not black but a deep sable.   #31588



Middle aged (7-10 years old?)  male Australian shepherd.  He is very scared in the shelter and needs to be groomed.  #31807


Cute young male australian cattledog.  Very smart and friendly.  Walked OK on the leash and appeared to be housebroken.  Around a year old and about 25 lbs.  #31825                          





The Valencia County Shelter

1209 NM 314, one mile south of Main Street, Los Lunas, New Mexico. Phone: 505-866-2479.

8:00 am to 4:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Picked-up dogs and cats are held for owner reclaim for three business days and then are available for adoption or are euthanized. If your pet is missing you must come to the shelter immediately to reclaim your animal. Owner released animals are available for adoption or euthanized immediately.






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